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Massage Therapy

Jeannette Casarez, MMT, CMT581, CAMTC Member

  • Certified by the CAMTC
  • Has extensive knowledge in Anatomy, and Kinesiology
  • Medical Massage Certified
  • Specializes in Pain management, muscle movement and muscle rehabilitation
  • Will incorporate over 10+ modalities to achieve your goals!

Jeannette’s journey into a lifestyle of musculoskeletal trauma recovery, massage, relaxation, and self care began because of multiple personal injuries. As a result, she learned to find symmetry within herself. Jeannette is dedicated to massage and has supported many individuals in decreasing or dissipating chronic and acute pain or discomfort through passive and active methods of muscle memory recovery allowing the muscular structures within the body to perform at optimum potential.

Jeannette is a California State Certified Massage Therapist with a Diploma from the National Holistic Institute, Certified Medical Massage Therapist, Certified in Muscle Release Technique, Certified Ampuku Psoas Release, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Hot Stone Therapy, Certified Repetitive Use Injury Therapist, Certificate of Attendance Neurokinetic Therapy, has taught Anatomy, Kinesiology and Massage, and a Professional Level Certified Member in Good Standing of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. Jeannette has been practicing and learning massage for more than 35 years with friends and family. With over 20 years of educated experience in effecting change within muscular structures, Jeannette will adapt and integrate techniques to help you achieve your goals for release, rehabilitation, postural change, and/or freedom of movement, causing relaxation.

Jeannette believes that the Full Benefits of aligning the muscles fibers increases the freedom to move. With an increased range of motion, the circulatory, immune, and endorphin activity cause a substantial increase in energy decreasing fatigue and discomfort enhancing the quality of rest and sleep, improving the overall sense of well being.

You may receive the full benefits of Jeannette’s Kinesthetic understanding of the body along with her educational background to facilitate relaxation and balance within your muscular structure. Utilizing the best combination of techniques, Jeannette aids you in achieving your movement goals through profound gradual release.

Jeannette is passionate about massage and has supported many individuals, including herself, in decreasing or dissipating chronic and acute pain or discomfort through passive and active methods of massage allowing the body to recover and perform at optimum potential.

Jeannette recognizes that self care is a daily action. She enjoys activities including walking, stretching, moving her body, hiking, biking, swimming, softball, fairs/expos, parasailing, zip lining, body boarding, performing massage and generally exploring nature. She enjoys several passive activities like Epsom salt baths, receiving massage, sitting or laying in the sun on or near granite, listening to music, sleeping, and being still surrounded in serenity. She LOVES food! She accepts the responsibility for creating balance between active and passive lifestyle choices creating a body that moves well.