Notice and compare imbalances within the muscle structure.


theorize tight muscle pattern, see the muscles that are over working


I believe at least two types of tightness exist, over contracted and over lengthened. Decide and agree best plan to release tightness.


Our work is through the blanket or sheet addressing multiple sections of the body at the same time, Moving the body dynamically to cause a confusion to the pattern


the controlling muscles released, passive range of motion establishes the opportunity for active ranges of motion creating new movement.


I offer new movement recommendations to create the synaptic connection to maintain individualized progress

As Individuals, We ALONE are Responsible​.

Please communicate pressure preferences in the moment.

The body, most often, releases with a little encouragement in the correct area!

D e s t i n a t i o n ​ 


Massage Therapy

Self Care

Caring for the self is a FULL time job.  After all, the body is with us ALL the time and doing activities. So, for me, I have multiple choices to show my body I care.

  • Drink Liquids
  • Eat regularly
  • Sleep Well
  • Volcano oil 
  • Sea Salt Bath
  • Epsom Salt Bath W/basil oil
  • STRETCH(over contracted muscles)
  • Roll with a Rolling Pin Roller 
  • Massager with heads that oscillate
  • Apply Pressure to Over Contracted Muscles
  • ​Offer Gratitude
  • Massage
  • Heat
  • ​Ice